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Outsourcing Residential Due Diligence for Internal Success

August 2020

Partnering with a Due Diligence Provider Can Mitigate Risk, Encourage Efficiency and Supercharge Growth By Chris Guidici, Director of Sales | Date: August 2020 Edition Scotsman Guide When underwriting and reviewing a loan, the due diligence process serves as a safeguard to protect the lender by minimizing risk and verifying information submitted by the borrower. Playing a critical role in the review of loan files, due diligence can drive accurate and actionable results for lenders assessin[...]

How partnering with a consultant might save your business

February 2020

Taking a Critical Look at Operations: How partnering with a consultant might save your business By Pete Butler, Executive Managing Director, Business Unit Head Wipro Mortgage Digital Operations & Platforms and Opus Capital Markets Consultants, LLC Since 2008, the mortgage industry has changed drastically, and continues to evolve with a current uptick of volume. As new buyers enter the market and residential prices continue to increase, so has the cost per loan, which has risen steadily year [...]