Conduit Due Diligence

Key Benefit that Client Derived: More Accurate Results for Better Execution


Lenders face many challenges in today’s changing market including more rigorous requirements on borrower qualifications, enhanced oversight by regulators and constant compliance updates increasing the complexity of each transaction. Opus CMC can help you navigate through this changing landscape by providing accurate and actionable intelligence at the loan and portfolio level. We will greatly reduce your recourse risk with a thorough and stringent quality control process established to meet national credit rating organizations’ requirements for RMBS transactions.

Our experience and depth of expertise is extensive, providing the confidence you need to know your loans meet the requirements for purchase, sale and securitization. See how we helped one client establish themselves as a market leader.


Top five (5) U.S. bank client


  • Investor Credit Criteria Eligibility Review
  • Liaison to Bank Seller Clients for Purchase Approvals
  • National Credit Rating Organization Compliant for RMBS Transactions
  • Independent 3rd Party Valuation Support
  • ASF Based RMBS Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance Including: QM/ATR, TRID, Municipal, State and Federal anti-predatory lending, High Cost Testing


  • Improved loan quality by 22% yielding better pricing

  • Managed seller client relationships reducing back office support costs

  • Increased seller client satisfaction

  • Improved data integrity by 30%

“We have engaged Opus CMC for many years and they continue to be the most reliable vendor compared with their peers. They are responsive to our requests, punctual in delivery, and provide accurate findings with the technology and personnel to meet our needs. Opus CMC is one of the best vendors in the industry.”