Loan Level Servicing Compliance Review


Unbiased and independent verification of servicing processes through deployment of a regular testing schedule. Reliable and timely results detailing process defects to drive accuracy and efficiency in loan administration and default management functions.


In today’s mortgage climate, servicers face unprecedented pressure from investors, government entities and regulators to efficiently and accurately administer loans while addressing existing and new regulatory requirements. Opus CMC provides expertise in assessing the servicer’s and sub-servicer’s capabilities to operate within the constraints of the transactional agreements, prudent servicing standards and the ever-changing servicing environment.


A top ten U.S. Mortgage Servicer with a significant presence in the private label servicing sector


  • Complete a monthly battery of tests on over forty processes surrounding servicing regulatory requirements
  • Identify areas of potential operational or regulatory risk based on current servicing procedures and practices
  • Identify loan level process defects and observations relating to the sample population of loans reviewed
  • Provide monthly Executive Summary and Exception Detail Reporting with trending analysis outlining the findings month to month


  • The client’s quality control group is better equipped to work across key functional departments to identify and resolve exception and gaps in current servicing processes
  • Presented “Monthly Servicing Quality Control Executive Summary” document for distribution to investors 
  • Presented loan level exceptions to the servicer for review and remediation in multiple areas
  • Satisfied the investor and regulatory requirements for a monthly quality control program
  • Improved overall levels of quality within the servicing operation including identifying gaps in updating procedures 
  • Provided the client with specific recommendations pertaining to the accuracy of sample population report which enabled the client to modify and refine selection criteria