Loan originators must be nimble to capture market opportunity in their specific geographic and business areas. Moving quickly to capture sales volume can often lead to a lack of focus on closing deals and ensuring a positive customer experience. Process adherence and risk management is often a challenge for small and mid-size organizations. Opus CMC provides scalable resources and technology to help loan originators meet expectations from investors. Our experience in working across the mortgage continuum with sellers, intermediaries, and investors, coupled with the deep understanding of mortgage products and typical deficiencies, will help our client become proactive in managing risk in originations.

Relevant Services:

  • Manage process flow and data with consistent analysis
  • Review and audit policies and procedures
  • Pre/Post closing quality control review
  • Repurchase rebuttals
  • Validate underwriting to ensure accuracy and highlight risk areas
  • Credit assessment
  • Compliance assessment
  • Property value reconciliation

Issues of Importance:

  • Guideline validation and conformity
  • Risk rating recommendation
  • Avoidance of future financial losses
  • Understand and manage risks

Benefits of Opus CMC’s product and delivery:

  • Facilitate consistent and comprehensive procedures
  • Minimize risks associated with non-compliance
  • Alleviate the risk of repurchase
  • Confidence in originating compliant loans
  • More accurate pricing