Private Mortgage Insurers (PMIs) have an important role in the mortgage market. The coverage provided by PMIs is a critical component in establishing trust in mortgage transactions. PMIs must safeguard their business and the insured from the impact of mortgage risk due to fraud and lack of compliance and risk management procedures. There is a need for more clarity on loan quality upfront and continued monitoring to ensure that remediation efforts are taken quickly. Opus CMC helps mortgage insurers understand the loan level and portfolio level details of risk factors that lead to default events. These results are carefully segmented to present the severity and impact.

Relevant Services:

  • Identify remedial cures
  • Assess materiality of loan defects
  • Litigation and repurchase reviews
  • Loan defense reviews
  • Credit, fraud, collateral, regulatory compliance, and data verification

Issues of Importance:

  • Guideline validation and conformity
  • Risk rating recommendation
  • Avoidance of future financial losses
  • Understand and manage risks

Benefits of Opus CMC’s Product and Delivery:

  • Mitigate losses
  • Identify potential fraud
  • Detailed and accurate information for repurchase or litigation