Our Clients

Mortgage banks have seen profit margins erode over the past several years due to increased regulation and more stringent lending practices. Frequent ongoing changes and volatility in the securitization market result in reduced sources of funding, thereby causing operational challenges. Banks must adapt to this new environment by focusing on innovation, velocity, compliance and quality. Opus CMC’s quality control services keep banks ahead of the curve on mortgage compliance and risk management issues. We perform in-depth reviews focused on aligning regulations and guidelines from investor specific requirements.

Relevant Services:

  • Evaluate quality standards for secondary market investors
  • Pre/Post closing quality control review
  • Test for past and recent changes to RESPA, MDIA and QM regulations
  • Property value reconciliation

Issues of Importance:

  • Guideline validation and conformity
  • Risk Rating Recommendations
  • Avoidance of future financial losses
  • Understand and manage risks

Benefits of Opus CMC’s Product and Delivery:

  • Minimize risks associated with non-compliance
  • Alleviate the risk of repurchase
  • Confidence in originating compliant loans
  • More accurate pricing
  • Loan Originators
  • Conduits
  • Government Agencies
  • Mortgage Insurers
  • Investors/Trustees