Securitization Review+

In a market where investor recourse is a primary consideration, our due diligence strengthens credibility. Opus CMC has been reviewed by and meets the RMBS standards of Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, DBRS, and Fitch Ratings. We provide an accurate and reliable picture of assets, increasing market confidence in sellers and their products. We also offer quality underwriting, combined with the qualitative analysis of data points including: reviews of servicing files, delinquency analysis, borrower correspondence and many others. This drives the due diligence that will identify underlying issues and potential fraud that may not be ascertained by looking at numbers alone.

Fraud Review+

Opus CMC is the premier expert in forensic due diligence reviews. Our process and quality results provide the highest confidence of success to our clients. We have created a very thorough and in-depth review that covers all areas necessary to ensure a proper forensic analysis. Our reviews include:

  • Employment and Income Verification
  • Asset Verification
  • Verification of Deposits/Assets
  • Guideline Conformity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Valuation Reconciliation

Credit and Compliance Review+

Prior to purchasing or selling assets, it is necessary to ensure that they are of optimum quality. Opus CMC performs standard credit and compliance reviews to ensure that the assets our clients are purchasing or putting out in the market are of the highest quality.  

Collateral Review+

Our services include performing an audit of all collateral documents including: Notes, Note Addendums/Riders, Name Affidavits, Name Change Documents (i.e. marriage certificate, death certificate), Modification Agreements, Lost Modification Agreements, Assumption Agreement, Mortgages / Deed of Trusts, Titles, Corporate Assignments, Allonges and Power of Attorneys to verify accuracy, completeness, proper conveyance and execution. Opus CMC will confirm that the mortgage is valid and free of encumbrances. Cooperative and leasehold property ownership will include a review of the corresponding security agreements, abstracts and land lease agreements, as applicable. Opus CMC can take curative actions to clear collateral exceptions if requested by the client.

Pre-/Post Funding Quality Control Review+

Our stringent quality control process can greatly reduce your recourse risks. Opus CMCs experience with US government agencies and government-sponsored enterprises is extensive, providing the confidence you need, ensuring that your loans meet the requirements for purchase.


Seasoned Asset Review+

You need detailed information to be able to make informed decisions and manage risk. Opus CMC provides specialized support for the evaluation and ongoing management of distressed assets. Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive review of the payment and servicing history, along with a valuation analysis and origination compliance audit, ensuring that you understand the larger picture. Our customizable services include:

  • Payment History Analysis
  • Servicing History Review
  • Updated Title Review
  • Collateral Review
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Valuation Reconciliation
  • Modification Underwriting and Processing Support