Servicing Review

The servicing industry landscape has been reshaped tremendously by market forces and regulation. Current regulations related to BASEL III have created a need for due diligence and advisory for servicing companies. Banks have a desire to improve capital efficiency and explore MSR sales in order to implement this strategy. As the purchase market strengthens, demand for valuation modelling and servicing transfers grows along with it. Servicing quality control measures are being sought by lenders as they strive to keep pace with the industry’s regulations and upticks in market demand.

Opus CMC is the industry’s most trusted service provider for due diligence. Our client centric approach to loan servicing due diligence yields high quality results driven by the unique standards of each client. The highly seasoned team of professionals at Opus CMC is committed to delivering accurate and actionable results. Our consistent delivery of these exacting standards are core drivers of our client’s success.