Opus CMC has developed a set of tools to identify loan fraud, credit and compliance risks. Our services are supported chiefly by three proprietary applications:  OpusFirst, OpusPanorama, and Opus Acuity.

OpusPanorama is a client web application that provides increased transparency and collaboration for due diligence clients.  The application was built using a secure foundational architecture, providing our clients a complete view of their relationship with Opus CMC.  A powerful tool for improving efficiency in the mortgage due diligence process, OpusPanorama helps clients accelerate their mortgage business with its rich functionality and features.
• 24/7 access to due diligence reports
• View progress of active engagements with a click of a button
• Deal and loan level insights
• View loan level detail with a single click
• Multi-device compatibility - PC/Mac, tablets and phones
• Reporting and a self-service, administrative capability allowing users to regulate permissions to view information
• Interactive capabilities to view and clear findings  

Opus CMC’s proprietary due diligence system is the most dynamic and advanced application available in the market. Our fully customizable platform gives you the scope to address your specific needs. Since Opus CMC understands how providing timely and accurate information allows clients to execute transactions and effectively manage risk, we offer real-time data and reporting through our web-based client interface.

OpusAcuity is a modern, cloud-based due diligence application built from best-of-breed architecture to enable desktop mobile device accessibility and seamless real-time integration with third-party systems.  

•  Ensures intuitive user experience with mobile responsiveness

•  Delivers accurate and timely information to all adjoining systems, including, OpusPanorama, InsightReporting, OpusComplianceEngine, OpusCalculationEngine
•  Drives agile delivery and regular feature upgrades across the enterprise by decoupling processes