Opus CMC Launches Mortgage Workflow Solution – Orchestrator

Opus CMC Launches Mortgage Workflow Solution – Orchestrator For Orchestrator News Release BWGreen 02

New workflow solution helps Opus CMC clients seamlessly integrate external systems with Opus CMC systems, streamlining communication, transforming data, and accelerating speed-to-market.

April 22, 2024 – Opus CMC today announced the launch of a workflow software application – Orchestrator – designed to seamlessly link various external client systems with Opus CMC ecosystems. The pathbreaking solution accelerates mortgage application development and time to market by facilitating intelligent connections between platforms that originally were not designed to connect with one another.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business operations, the role of data flow managers has become increasingly important. They serve as sophisticated software applications that manage and automate complex workflows, tasks, and interactions between organizations. Opus CMC’s Orchestrator offers a centralized platform for seamless integration, automation, and optimization of processes, ultimately improving the client experience and streamlining business operations. Sanjay Agnihotri, CEO and President of Opus CMC commented, “We are thrilled with the launch of our revolutionary workflow solution, Orchestrator. By fast-tracking application development and seamless data exchange, it empowers our clients to deliver unparalleled experiences. The launch underscores our steadfast commitment to ongoing innovation, helping our clients achieve operational excellence and maintain market leadership.”Bottom of Form

Serving as the software glue, our solution seamlessly links disparate systems within a secure network, helping developers build applications without the need for crafting a specially made integration each time they seek to connect application components. Uriah Clavier, VP – Head of Operations at Opus CMC said, “Orchestrator significantly reduces redundancies in application development efforts. By accelerating app development, our clients can rapidly enable information flow between their systems and Opus CMC systems, regardless of their assets or APIs. Above all, they can achieve all of this while maintaining rigorous security.”

Orchestrator supports various data and document formats, transforms client data inputs into a format supported by Opus CMC, and seamlessly integrates them into the system. Additionally, it returns loan level results and data back to the client systems in client original supported formats. Clients can continue use of their current platform with no change in how they send or receive files or information.

Orchestrator plays a pivotal role in simplifying operations, enhancing efficiency, and improving the overall client experience when interacting with Opus CMC. By leveraging the capabilities of Orchestrator, clients can navigate business complexities with ease, drive innovation, and foster a more productive and collaborative business relationship.

About Opus CMC

Opus Capital Markets Consultants, LLC (Opus CMC) is an industry leading Third Party Reviewer (TPR), trusted by all major rating agencies, providing capital market participants with the tools necessary to navigate today’s complex financial and regulatory environment.

It was founded in 2005 by industry experts with a vision to bring transparency, integrity, and quality back to the marketplace. With a full suite of due diligence, quality control, and review services, Opus CMC provides end-to-end support to help our partners minimize risk and maximize profitability.

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