LITIGATION AND FRAUD REVIEWS Litigation and fraud reviewsOpus CMC’s industry experts power your commercial lending and investment strategy with detailed methodology, thorough analysis and expert insights supported by powerful tools.

Every client is unique. We provide a customized review of loan terms and loan documentation based upon the specific requirements of each client. Our goal is to ensure that the data provided by the lender is accurate and the loan collateral is perfected.

We provide an unbiased third party underwriting analysis, ranging from a thorough investigation of the real estate collateral to historical/current operations, in order to establish a tangible cash flow for a potential loan.

  • We qualify prospective originations to confirm that the underlying collateral and the loan structure meet the lender’s underwriting guidelines, including overlays. Additionally, newly originated loans are reviewed prior to securitization, to ascertain their credit quality and minimize overall portfolio risks.

Loans are an important aspect to business. We provide all underwriting and due diligence review services for all loan sizes, ranging from $200,000 to more than $1B.

Ensuring that all operations are in line with standard industry practices is imperative in loans. We review and analyze all facets of a lender’s operation to determine whether standards are upheld across all loan transactions.

We inspect collateral in the form of real estate, its market, and its comparables to determine the overall quality of the asset and its position within the market. In addition, Opus CMC reviews third-party reports to ensure all assumptions and conclusions are supported and meet industry guidelines.

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